250 Best Savage Usernames For Instagram For Girls And Boys

Have you noticed the trend on Instagram lately? No, I’m not talking about the latest filter or dance challenge. I’m talking about those bold, in-your-face usernames that seem to be popping up everywhere. From casual users to influencers, it seems like everyone is trying to make a statement with their handle these days.

And you know what? I totally get the appeal. Why not show off a bit of that fierce attitude, right? Why not embrace our wild side on the gram? If you’re looking to revamp your Instagram handle with a touch of fierceness below, we have curated a list of savage usernames that are sure to do the work.

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How to come up With the Best Savage Username Ideas? (7 Best Suggestions)

  1. Use a powerful phrase or acronym that represents your perfectly. For example, the fitness brand Nike goes by the name @NikeFuel. Another example is the travel company Southwest Airlines, which uses the username @SouthwestAir.
  2. Think about what words describe you or what you like to do. Some examples could be “happy,” “blessed,” “sunshine,” or “ocean.
  3. You could also use a branded hashtag as your username. This is a great way to promote your account and get people to notice you quickly.
  4.  Try to come up with a name that is not already taken. You can do this by searching for your desired name on Instagram and seeing if it pops up. If it is already taken, you will need to come up with something else.
  5. Be creative and try different word variations to see what works for you. Try until you find the best possible combination. 
  6. Finally, If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, try brainstorming with a friend or family member or use a free Generator.

Best Savage Usernames for Instagram

  • @HillTop_Don’t Care 
  • @RacingVulture
  • @SimplyActivist
  • @MoonHeart_Thoughts
  • @Curious_Cookie
  • @MonsoonMonk
  • @GiggleCheif
  • @Swag_Things_Handle
  • @ManonMotion
  • @Lies_of_Eyes
  • @Mistic_Miss_
  • @Memory_Monster
  • @Twinkle_Winkle
  • @ClevernRomantic_Crusader
  • @RedstarRoadster
  • @Heart_on_Bloom 
  • @Naughty_Winks
  • @Snapsun
  • @Quest_Guru
  • @Deep0cean_Story
  • @Dragon_0f_Darkthings
  • @Sweetsight_Soul
  • @Legacyofluxury
  • @Insane_Innersoul
  • @Electrify_Funky 
  • @Spicy_Spectator

Cool Savage Usernames for Instagram

  • @DramaticCelestial
  • @Thrive_Titan
  • @Rainy_Happiness
  • @BornedBond
  • @Iloveyouyesterday
  • @Peace_Hug
  • @Unfinished_Dynamo
  • @Racing_Rockstar
  • @RoundOne_Charm
  • @Healing_Eagle
  • @Smart_SKypass
  • @uncrownedking
  • @GhostGuided
  • @emolovesrock
  • Earthbound_Earthling
  • @DefaultAsAwesome
  • @ChampofChange
  • @Royal_Rockstar
  • @Sunlight_Soldier
  • @Idream_Targets
  • @Waves_of_Wise
  • @Savage_Seagul
  • @Attractive_Official
  • @Attrative_Adventurous
  • @Tarzan_of_UrbanCity
  • @007Foodie

Savage Instagram Names for Girls

  • @Tropical_Tigeress
  • @Rainy_Peacock
  • @Bornwith_LustoursEyes
  • @Fitfirygirl
  • @Flipping_Chick
  • @Crafty_Candy
  • @DoveofKnowledge
  • @Busty_Bear 
  • @Rose_on_Rise
  • @CrazySongBird
  • @Kitty_Rush
  • @saturdaysgirl
  • @CrystalsnMotion
  • @Silent_Seawave
  • @Flaunting_Firefly
  • @Dressedup_Butterfly
  • @Babe_on-Bayside
  • @Playful_Empress
  • @loveinspeed
  • @FeathersofFame
  • @DarlingDogma
  • @Lioness_of_Loneliness
  • @ThedailyWriting
  • @Hippy_Sunshine
  • @Absolute_Brainy
  • @AnytimeAurora
  • @IconicEyeline
  • @ClassicConnection
  • @Sofisticated_Subject
  • @Emotional_Earthling

Savage Instagram Names for Boys

  • @Edgy_of_Encourage
  • @Cozy_Captian
  • @Visionary_Valentine
  • @Grounded_Geeky
  • @Donttry-Dragon
  • @Highon_Muscles
  • @National_Option
  • @Passion_Pirate
  • @Professor_ Secrets
  • @Thinker_Thunder
  • @Chilled_Heart_Champion
  • @MercyMajor
  • @TricksofTopper
  • @Wildcapacity
  • @RacerofHearts
  • @Tough_Emotion
  • @EndonEnjoy
  • @Everyday_Expert
  • @SoulofSilence
  • @Ghostfacegangsta
  • @Bachelor_Teacher
  • @007HuntMan
  • @Friendly_Intellect
  • @FreedomCreature
  • @TigerofTime
  • @Quest_Of_QuiteBoy
  • @Royal_Shadow_Follow
  • @Soul_of_Tsunami
  • @Angry_YoungMan
  • @WaysofWinner

Last Words

In the dynamic world of Instagram, where trends come and go, savage usernames will surely be there for a long time. We have gone through a whole list of those and I’ve got to say, it’s amazing how a simple word in a handle can say so much about us. If you’re considering switching things up on Instagram, I hope you find some inspiration here. Finally, I want to say whether you choose to go savage or opt for something different, let your Instagram handle be a genuine extension of who you are.

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